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Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, Distress Ii Inquire - $250,000.00

Original Figurative Figurative Ii Series, Original Matt Redheaded Woman Zedler Inquire Distress || Original Redheaded Figurative Distress Series, Matt Inquire || Woman Zedler Ii

Original Figurative Artwork From Matthew Zedler Madonna In Red 135,000.00 - $135,000.00

Original Figurative Matthew Figurative In Artwork Original From Madonna 135,000.00 Red Zedler 135,000.00 In Figurative Artwork Original Zedler Madonna From Matthew Red

Monumental 25' Round Hand Carved Marble Figurative Screened Gazebo - Eg1 - $95,000.00

Monumental 25' Figurative - 25' Marble Carved Hand Screened Eg1 Monumental Gazebo Round Figurative Round Hand Gazebo Eg1 - 25' Carved Monumental Marble Screened

Monumental Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Incredible Fountain - Mf589 - $85,000.00

Monumental Hand Estate Figurative Marble Hand Fountain Carved Monumental Incredible - Mf589 Estate Mf589 Carved Figurative Fountain Hand Incredible Monumental Marble -

Monumental Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Massive Gazebo - Mg58 - $85,000.00

Monumental Hand Figurative Carved Massive Mg58 Estate Gazebo Monumental Hand Marble - Carved Marble Massive Mg58 - Figurative Estate Gazebo Hand Monumental

Beautiful Marble Figurative Estate European Design Fountain - Fnt580 - $55,000.00

Beautiful Marble Marble Design Estate Fountain Beautiful European - Figurative Fnt580 Fnt580 Figurative Design Marble European Fountain Estate - Beautiful

Monumental Hand Carved Marble Estate Figurative Mansion Fountain - Wu87 - $55,000.00

Monumental Hand Fountain - Monumental Wu87 Hand Mansion Carved Figurative Estate Marble Fountain Wu87 Estate Hand Mansion Carved Figurative Monumental - Marble

Incredible Marble Figurative European Design Estate Gazebo - Jd1f - $45,000.00

Incredible Marble Estate Design Marble - European Gazebo Incredible Jd1f Figurative Marble Jd1f - Incredible Design Figurative Gazebo Estate European

Figurative Hand Carved Marble Gazebo Trellis Entry Way Gazebo - Mm1 - $45,000.00

Figurative Hand Trellis Mm1 Marble Entry Gazebo Carved Figurative Gazebo - Hand Way Mm1 - Entry Figurative Gazebo Hand Carved Marble Way Gazebo Trellis

Monumental Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Garden Fountain - Ljf1 - $45,000.00

Monumental Hand Marble Figurative Estate Monumental - Ljf1 Fountain Carved Garden Hand Ljf1 Estate Hand Monumental Marble Garden Fountain Figurative Carved -

Beautiful Marble Figurative Estate European Design Fountain - Fnt62 - $38,500.00

Beautiful Marble Marble Fountain European Beautiful Figurative - Design Estate Fnt62 Fnt62 European Marble Fountain Design - Figurative Estate Beautiful

Beautiful 14' Round Hand Carved Marble Estate 8 Figurative Column Gazebo - Mg87 - $38,500.00

Beautiful 14' Estate Hand Round Carved Gazebo 8 Figurative Column 14' - Beautiful Marble Mg87 Carved 8 Round Estate Hand Marble 14' Beautiful - Gazebo Column Mg87 Figurative

Beautiful Square Hand Carved Marble Estate 10 Figurative Column Gazebo - Mg88 - $38,500.00

Beautiful Square Gazebo - 10 Mg88 Column Marble Beautiful Square Estate Figurative Carved Hand Marble Beautiful Hand Square Carved Estate 10 Figurative Gazebo Column - Mg88

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, In Distress 33,000 - $33,000.00

Original Figurative In 33,000 Series, Original Zedler || Matt Redheaded Woman Figurative Distress Series, Original Distress Figurative Woman Redheaded In Zedler || Matt 33,000

Beautiful Hand Carved Figurative Marble 13’8” Covered Estate Gazebo - Gz74 - $28,500.00

Beautiful Hand Covered 13’8” Marble Hand Estate Gz74 Gazebo Beautiful Carved Figurative - Covered Estate Beautiful Gz74 Gazebo Figurative 13’8” Hand - Marble Carved

Estate Hand Carved Marble Figurative Man Of The Mountain Marble Fountain - Rwm8 - $28,500.00

Estate Hand Mountain Fountain The Marble Hand Man Carved - Rwm8 Figurative Marble Estate Of Of Rwm8 Mountain Carved Marble Marble Fountain - The Man Estate Figurative Hand

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Estate Figurative Fountain - Njp2 - $24,500.00

Beautiful Hand Njp2 Hand Figurative Fountain Carved Beautiful Estate - Marble Beautiful Marble - Figurative Carved Estate Fountain Njp2 Hand

Sunol Alvar Original Oil Painting On Canvas Large Female Figurative Signed Art - $22,895.00

Sunol Alvar Signed On Large Art Female Original Painting Oil Canvas Sunol Figurative Alvar Female Oil Large On Sunol Signed Original Art Painting Figurative Canvas Alvar

Original Figurative || Matthew Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, Envious 22,500 - $22,500.00

Original Figurative Matthew Woman Envious || Redheaded Original Figurative Zedler 22,500 Series, Zedler || 22,500 Woman Original Series, Envious Figurative Matthew Redheaded

Solid Hand Carved Marble Figurative Horses Outdoor Yard Fountain - Fhm3 - $22,000.00

Solid Hand Hand Fountain Fhm3 Marble - Yard Outdoor Solid Horses Figurative Carved Hand Fountain Horses Outdoor Marble Figurative Solid Carved - Fhm3 Yard

Beautiful Estate European Garden Hand Carved Marble Figurative Gazebo - Eg87 - $22,000.00

Beautiful Estate Hand Beautiful Eg87 European Carved Estate Marble Gazebo - Figurative Garden Eg87 Estate European Hand Figurative Garden Marble Carved Beautiful - Gazebo

Hendrik Kerstens Rare Impeccable Photograph Photography Flemish Style Figurative - $19,000.00

Hendrik Kerstens Rare Impeccable Flemish Photography Photograph Figurative Style Kerstens Hendrik Style Flemish Photography Figurative Impeccable Rare Hendrik Photograph Kerstens

Mario Jason Large Bronze Sculpture Aurora Dance Hand Signed Figurative Art Huge - $18,895.00

Mario Jason Signed Bronze Mario Art Aurora Dance Huge Figurative Sculpture Hand Large Jason Aurora Sculpture Huge Figurative Mario Large Dance Signed Art Hand Jason Bronze

M.l. Snowden Ion Large Bronze Sculpture Signed Full Round Male Figurative Art - $18,895.00

M.l. Snowden Male Large Bronze Sculpture Snowden Round Ion M.l. Signed Art Full Figurative Signed Large M.l. Male Bronze Sculpture Ion Snowden Art Figurative Full Round

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Exterior Estate Gazebo's - T1094 - $19,000.00

Beautiful Hand - Exterior Marble T1094 Carved Hand Gazebo's Figurative Estate Beautiful Marble Hand T1094 - Carved Estate Beautiful Gazebo's Exterior Figurative

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, - Mixed Emotions - $18,500.00

Original Figurative Series, Emotions Zedler Matt || Woman Mixed Redheaded Original - Figurative Mixed Emotions || Original Matt Woman Series, Zedler Figurative Redheaded -

Monumental Hand Carved Massive Estate Eagle Figurative Fireplace Mantel -fm1 - $18,500.00

Monumental Hand Estate Figurative Mantel Eagle -fm1 Hand Carved Monumental Massive Fireplace Monumental Eagle -fm1 Hand Figurative Fireplace Mantel Carved Estate Massive

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Eagle Incredible Fireplace Mantel - Fm2 - $18,500.00

Beautiful Hand Fireplace Eagle Marble Hand - Carved Fm2 Beautiful Mantel Figurative Incredible Figurative Hand Carved Incredible Mantel Beautiful Fireplace Eagle - Fm2 Marble

Hand Carved Marble Figurative European Design-stainless Steel Top Gazebo - Ml48 - $18,500.00

Hand Carved Gazebo Top - European Ml48 Hand Figurative Carved Marble Steel Design-stainless Top - Design-stainless European Figurative Gazebo Ml48 Carved Hand Steel Marble

Monumental Figurative Hand Carved Marble Street Lamp - Lights - $18,500.00

Monumental Figurative Street Lamp Carved Marble - Figurative Hand Monumental Lights Marble Carved Monumental Street Lights Lamp - Figurative Hand

Beautiful Marble Figurative Estate European Design Cherub Fountain - Fnt60 - $18,500.00

Beautiful Marble Fountain Figurative - Estate Cherub Fnt60 Design Marble Beautiful European European Estate - Beautiful Figurative Fnt60 Fountain Design Cherub Marble

Enigma By Frederick Hart, Bronze Figurative Sculpture, 11 X 6 X 25.5 675 - $17,700.00

Enigma By Figurative Sculpture, By Bronze 25.5 11 675 X Enigma X 6 Hart, Frederick X 11 Frederick Figurative 6 25.5 Sculpture, Bronze By Hart, X Enigma 675

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, - Mood Swings - $16,500.00

Original Figurative Series, Figurative Woman Matt - Zedler Redheaded || Swings Mood Original Redheaded Figurative Zedler Mood Swings || Series, Woman Original - Matt

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, - Memories 16,500 - $16,500.00

Original Figurative 16,500 Redheaded - Memories Matt Series, Original Woman Zedler || Figurative - Redheaded Series, Zedler || 16,500 Woman Figurative Matt Memories Original

Massive Figurative Hand Carved Sandstone Estate Entryway Entry20 - $16,500.00

Massive Figurative Sandstone Estate Entryway Massive Carved Figurative Entry20 Hand Sandstone Entryway Figurative Massive Estate Entry20 Carved Hand

Solid Hand Carved Marble Figurative Cherub Outdoor Yard Fountain - Fnt5874 - $16,500.00

Solid Hand Fountain Marble Outdoor - Carved Fnt5874 Hand Figurative Cherub Yard Solid Outdoor Fnt5874 Fountain Hand Carved Solid Yard Marble Cherub - Figurative

Mid Century Moderngiacometti Inspired Abstract Figurativebrutal Sculpture - $15,000.00

Mid Century Inspired Century Moderngiacometti Sculpture Abstract Mid Figurativebrutal Mid Century Abstract Moderngiacometti Figurativebrutal Inspired Sculpture

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, - Electrified - $15,000.00

Original Figurative || Original Matt Woman Series, Electrified Zedler Figurative - Redheaded - || Figurative Redheaded Series, Original Zedler Woman Matt Electrified

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, -smoldering Remains - $15,000.00

Original Figurative -smoldering Figurative Woman Matt Zedler Series, Original Remains Redheaded || Woman Series, Matt Zedler Original Remains -smoldering Redheaded || Figurative

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, - The Blues 15,000 - $15,000.00

Original Figurative Series, 15,000 Woman Figurative || Redheaded - Original Blues Matt The Zedler Woman || 15,000 Original Redheaded Zedler Figurative Matt Series, Blues The -

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, - Sullen 15,000 - $15,000.00

Original Figurative || Zedler - Original Sullen Series, 15,000 Figurative Redheaded Matt Woman Figurative Woman - Redheaded 15,000 Matt || Series, Original Zedler Sullen

Original Figurative || Matt Zedler Redheaded Woman Series, - Fall From Grace - $15,000.00

Original Figurative || From Zedler Redheaded Series, - Woman Grace Figurative Original Fall Matt Redheaded Original Zedler || Figurative Woman Matt From Series, - Fall Grace

Massinve Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Entry Way - Entry 46 - $15,000.00

Massinve Hand Carved Marble Figurative Hand - Massinve Entry Estate 46 Entry Way - Carved Entry Estate Marble Massinve Hand Entry Figurative Way 46

The Ride By Frederick Hart Acrylic Figurative Sculpture 16hx19wx7d 209395 - $14,975.00

The Ride The Frederick 16hx19wx7d 209395 Sculpture Ride Figurative Acrylic Hart By Hart Figurative Sculpture Ride 16hx19wx7d By Acrylic Frederick 209395 The

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Mansion Entryway - Mew96 - $14,500.00

Beautiful Hand Mew96 Mansion - Beautiful Figurative Carved Entryway Marble Hand Estate Marble Beautiful - Mew96 Estate Figurative Hand Entryway Carved Mansion

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Garden Outdoor Fountain - Sh45 - $14,500.00

Beautiful Hand Fountain - Garden Outdoor Carved Beautiful Hand Figurative Estate Marble Sh45 Marble Hand Estate Garden Beautiful - Figurative Fountain Outdoor Carved Sh45

Monumental Hand Carved Figurative Marble Fireplace Mantel - Fgh35 - $14,500.00

Monumental Hand Mantel Fireplace Marble Figurative - Hand Fgh35 Monumental Carved Fgh35 Hand Fireplace Carved Monumental Marble Mantel Figurative -

2 Wonderful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Lion Benches - St001 - $13,500.00

2 Wonderful Carved St001 Benches Marble 2 Figurative Lion Hand - Wonderful Lion 2 St001 Wonderful Carved Benches Marble - Hand Figurative

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative European Style Fountain - Zh2 - $12,500.00

Beautiful Hand European Beautiful Fountain - Carved Hand Zh2 Style Marble Figurative Marble Carved Style Fountain - Beautiful Figurative Zh2 Hand European

12' Round Figurative European Design Cast Iron Indoor Or Out Gazebo - Gaz3a - $12,500.00

12' Round 12' Design Iron Figurative European Out Round Indoor Gazebo Gaz3a - Or Cast Figurative European Or Design 12' Out Round Iron - Indoor Cast Gazebo Gaz3a

12' Round Cast Iron Victorian Style Figurative Covered Top Estate Gazebo - Gaz9 - $12,500.00

12' Round Round Gazebo Figurative 12' Covered - Top Gaz9 Style Cast Iron Victorian Estate Gaz9 Victorian Iron Covered - 12' Gazebo Style Top Estate Cast Figurative Round

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Fireplace Mantel - Mfp98 - $12,500.00

Beautiful Hand Mfp98 Estate Beautiful Hand - Carved Fireplace Figurative Marble Mantel Mfp98 Marble - Carved Hand Figurative Mantel Beautiful Estate Fireplace

Incredible Hand Carved Marble Figurative Fireplace Mantel - Mfp98w - $12,500.00

Incredible Hand Hand Marble Incredible Fireplace - Figurative Mfp98w Carved Mantel Marble Carved Mantel Figurative - Fireplace Hand Mfp98w Incredible

M.l. Snowden Wind Scarf Bronze Sculpture Signed Female Figurative Modern Artwork - $10,895.00

M.l. Snowden Snowden Wind Female M.l. Artwork Bronze Sculpture Signed Modern Figurative Scarf Bronze Wind M.l. Sculpture Scarf Artwork Female Figurative Snowden Signed Modern

Art Nouveau Hand Carved Marble Figurative Garden Or Interior Columns Anc1 - $10,500.00

Art Nouveau Nouveau Garden Or Carved Anc1 Interior Marble Figurative Columns Hand Art Columns Figurative Hand Or Nouveau Carved Marble Art Anc1 Interior Garden

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Knight Incredible Fireplace Mantel - Zh2 - $10,500.00

Beautiful Hand Knight Beautiful Fireplace - Incredible Carved Mantel Hand Zh2 Marble Figurative Carved Mantel Knight Hand Fireplace Incredible Figurative - Marble Zh2 Beautiful

Beautiful Hand Carved Solid Marble Figurative Columns With Urns - Zst3 - $10,500.00

Beautiful Hand - Carved Solid Marble Urns Figurative Beautiful With Hand Columns Zst3 Beautiful Zst3 Hand Urns Figurative Columns - Marble With Carved Solid

Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Indoor Or Outdoor Garden Bench - Ly046 - $10,500.00

Hand Carved - Or Hand Figurative Ly046 Indoor Estate Carved Bench Garden Outdoor Marble Or Indoor Estate Carved Bench Marble - Figurative Hand Ly046 Outdoor Garden

20th Century Figurative Double Portrait Francis Bacon Gaston Chaissac Painting - $10,314.33

20th Century Gaston Painting Double Figurative Chaissac Bacon Francis Portrait 20th Century Figurative Portrait Painting Century Bacon Double Chaissac 20th Gaston Francis

Mullican Lee Mullican Taos 1978 Figurative Abstract Oilacrylic On Canvas - $10,000.00

Mullican Lee Figurative Mullican Mullican Oilacrylic Canvas Abstract On 1978 Lee Taos On Oilacrylic Mullican Lee Abstract Taos Canvas Figurative 1978 Mullican

Rare Figurative Artist Engraver Ikeda Yushi Sculpture Daruma Sitting Statue - $9,999.00

Rare Rare Sculpture Ikeda Sitting Daruma Artist Statue Figurative Yushi Engraver Engraver Rare Artist Yushi Sitting Sculpture Statue Daruma Figurative Ikeda

Jose Royo Claveless Figurative Original Painting Oil On Wood, Framed,19 X 27 - $9,500.00

Jose Royo Painting On Royo 27 Oil Framed,19 Original Jose Claveless Wood, Figurative X Figurative Wood, Original Painting On Framed,19 Jose Oil 27 Royo Claveless X

Jose Royo En El Campo Figurative Original Oil Painting On Wood, Framed,19 X 27 - $9,500.00

Jose Royo Oil X Wood, Painting Royo 27 El Framed,19 Campo En On Figurative Jose Original Framed,19 Original El X On Royo Painting Jose Campo Oil Wood, En Figurative 27

Hand Carved Figurative Solid Travertine Marble Fireplace Mantel - Mfmn74 - $9,500.00

Hand Carved Figurative Fireplace Travertine Solid Mantel Mfmn74 Hand Marble Carved - - Solid Carved Marble Travertine Figurative Fireplace Hand Mfmn74 Mantel

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Outdoor - Indoor Fountain - Jz32 - $9,500.00

Beautiful Hand Hand Estate Figurative - Outdoor Fountain Carved Jz32 Indoor Marble - Beautiful Outdoor Hand Estate Figurative Marble Indoor Jz32 - - Fountain Beautiful Carved

Abstract Figurative Aluminum Sculpture Mid 20th Centurygiacometti Inspired - $8,500.00

Abstract Figurative Centurygiacometti 20th Sculpture Aluminum Abstract Inspired Mid Figurative Figurative Inspired Centurygiacometti Aluminum Sculpture Mid 20th Abstract

Great Hand Carved White Marble Figurative Console Table - Yb0010 - $8,500.00

Great Hand Hand Marble Table Figurative Yb0010 - Carved Console Great White Marble Carved - Console Figurative Yb0010 Table White Hand Great

Beautiful Hand Carved Figurative Good White Marble Estate Bench - Fg87 - $8,500.00

Beautiful Hand Good Fg87 Carved White Figurative Hand Bench Estate - Beautiful Marble Beautiful Fg87 White Carved Hand Figurative Good - Marble Bench Estate

Richard Macdonald Caruso Iii Bronze Sculpture Signed Figurative Cirque Artwork - $8,295.00

Richard Macdonald Macdonald Cirque Iii Bronze Caruso Sculpture Figurative Richard Signed Artwork Bronze Cirque Signed Figurative Artwork Richard Iii Caruso Macdonald Sculpture

Howard Behrens Large Original Oil Painting On Canvas Signed Landscape Figurative - $8,295.00

Howard Behrens Large Oil Landscape Painting Original Howard Behrens On Canvas Figurative Signed Figurative Landscape Large Original Oil Painting Signed Canvas Howard Behrens On

Frederick Hart Acrylic Sculpture Duet Pair Nude Figurative Lucite Signed Artwork - $8,295.00

Frederick Hart Nude Pair Acrylic Hart Signed Figurative Sculpture Lucite Artwork Duet Frederick Signed Lucite Pair Acrylic Frederick Artwork Duet Hart Nude Sculpture Figurative

Meissen Pair Figurative Pitchers With Girl And Gentleman, Around 1900 - $8,370.00

Meissen Pair Meissen Pitchers And Gentleman, Girl Pair 1900 With Figurative Around Pitchers Around Figurative 1900 With Meissen Gentleman, And Pair Girl

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Fireplace Mantel - Zh1 - $7,500.00

Beautiful Hand Carved Figurative - Beautiful Marble Fireplace Hand Zh1 Mantel Fireplace Beautiful Figurative Marble - Zh1 Hand Carved Mantel

Beautiful Hand Carved Marble Figurative Estate Fireplace Mantel - Fmi8 - $7,500.00

Beautiful Hand Estate Marble Mantel Figurative Beautiful Carved - Fireplace Hand Fmi8 Hand Carved Beautiful - Estate Fmi8 Marble Fireplace Figurative Mantel

Howard Jason Large Bronze Sculpture Destiny Signed Female Male Figurative Art - $6,895.00

Howard Jason Bronze Figurative Destiny Art Sculpture Signed Large Female Male Jason Howard Signed Art Male Sculpture Figurative Female Howard Destiny Bronze Large Jason

Nicola Simbari Original Oil Painting On Canvas Beach Signed Figurative Large Art - $6,895.00

Nicola Simbari Signed Nicola Painting Large Oil Original Beach Simbari Art Canvas On Figurative Large Signed Painting Simbari On Oil Figurative Nicola Canvas Beach Original Art

Vintage Figurative Children Bronze Outdoor Garden Fountain,large 50 Inches In H - $6,999.00

Vintage Figurative Vintage H Garden Outdoor Figurative Fountain,large Children Inches 50 In Bronze Vintage Fountain,large Outdoor Inches In Garden Bronze Children 50 H Figurative

Vintage Figurative Children Bronze Outdoor Garden Fountain,large 50 Inches In H - $6,999.00

Vintage Figurative H Vintage 50 Figurative In Outdoor Garden Inches Fountain,large Children Bronze Garden Bronze Figurative H Children In Vintage Inches Fountain,large 50 Outdoor

More Body Language Original Sabzi 30x40 Canvas Signed Framed Women Figurative - $6,995.00

More Body Canvas Language Original More Body Framed Sabzi Women Signed 30x40 Figurative Women 30x40 Signed Sabzi Canvas Figurative Framed Language More Body Original

A Bronze Mirror With Figurative Handle Y3001 - $6,900.00

A Bronze Figurative With Y3001 Handle Mirror Bronze A A Bronze With Y3001 Figurative Handle Mirror

Hand Carved Large Figurative Beautiful Carved Marble Table - Desk- Hcf66 - $6,500.00

Hand Carved Hcf66 Carved Large Beautiful Hand Carved Desk- Table Figurative Marble - Hand Beautiful Desk- Marble - Large Figurative Table Hcf66 Carved Carved

Incredible Carved Marble Estate Figurative Desk - Table - Zo65 - $6,500.00

Incredible Carved Marble Estate - Incredible - Table Figurative Carved Desk Zo65 Desk Zo65 Carved Marble Incredible - Figurative Estate Table -